Launching IPTV services

Recently, I was watching the following advertisement from Ericsson that was available on YouTube.

This made me wonder on whether the choice of middleware and standardization of the same is all that matters to launch IPTV services.

In recent times, I had the privilege of discussing about challenges related to launching IPTV with experts from several large operators in North America. I could make the following observations.

  • Service Assurance by correlating network events, IPTV server events (syslogs etc.) and content integrity/quality so as to relate to customer experience is a major issue that most of the operators seem to be struggling with.
  • The second area of interest involved the time it takes to get a subscriber going on IPTV from the time of purchase and the duration the field team has to spend in the customer premises to get the service up and running – the Service Provisioning Time.
  • A couple of the operators had architectural issues arising out of poor choice of middleware when they launched the services some time back which was not scaling or did not support some fancy features available on the competitor’s product. These operators are planning to move into a newer platform available in the market but still grappling with the dynamics of migration.
  • The strategic thinker from at-least one operator indicated that the business cases for IPTV are very naive. The numbers do indicate that the business case exists but the manner in which the numbers would be achieved is left undefined. How would IPTV differntiate from Cable TV and what would be the service that could be monetized were questions that are yet to be answered.

4 thoughts on “Launching IPTV services

  1. IPTV still has to go a long way till every subscriber gets a HDTV connection. Now a days, there are so many HDTV brands are available but IPTV network is not ready to serve them 🙂

  2. I thnk the last point is vry important. This is the question we had debated a long tme back. My boss had asked me why would my mother want to go for IPTV when she is happy with cable TV. We had no argument and unless there is a strong business case for a decent pricing, it will be a long way before it is accepted as a norm.

  3. A good informative blog really. I was not aware untill I see it in Balaji’s signature.

    I would say the main hinderance in wide range deployment of IPTV services is the business case. It has been observed whenever a section of people think about IPTV, the Cable Sercice providers are always the first Option which kind of give a tough challeng to the Telcos. Most common people unaware of the potential of the technology would think 100 times and most of them give up at the end. I often blame it to the Telcos and the service provider not selling the technology first and selling the product first. Well one can argue that People are crazy about the features not technology, but when there is a clash between feature available on traditional legacy system and in the new upcoming technology, it matters. Well we can say Cost also a key point, but there is a competition on that aspect already. But I would say it moving though slowly, but eventualy it will get there. Till then fetching money would always be a factor on IPTV’s success and progress.

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