The mobile phone dilemma…

“India’s highly anticipated 3G auctions which await the decision of a Group of Ministers (GoM) are now likely to be held ransom to the resolution of issues relating to 2G spectrum allocation” – News Report

At a personal level, I was hoping that the announcement of the 3G auctions in the newspaper would enable me to justify the purchase of a new handset – may be one of the fancy ones that supports a number of applications. Unfortunately, it is now postponed at-least by 6 months.

However, over the last 3 months, when I have been on the look out for a good 3G phone, I realized that my taste in phones has changed dramatically!Siemens S3

Way back in 1995, when I was with a GSM operator and the mobile phone, as well as, the use of the phone were at no cost to me, I had a Siemens S3 phone. The phone had a very easy to use menu and life was not yet complicated in terms of the variety of ring tones that people had.

Later on I changed to a Motorola 7500. This was a phone motorola_7500_1into which a Credit-card sized SIM should be slided in from below. Bulky but it had better talktime. Since my usage pattern (it was still free of charge for me) had gone up, I needed a phone with better battery. It also had a flip-cover over the dialpad.

In 2000, I quit the job with the GSM operator, changed city and got into a new job. nokiaNow, for the first time, I had to pay for a mobile phone and pay for its use too!  So, I went for an entry-level phone – Nokia 3100. The phone was good except that everyone seemed to have the same phone and it looked like whenever a phone rang, 3 or 4 persons would frisk themselves, produce it from the secret location it had been stashed and verify if it was their phone that was ringing. It was too common.

So finally, I decided to change to a phone that would be fanciful. I zeroed in on sony-ericsson-t610-combothe Sony-Ericsson T610. This was partly because of the fact that the showroom  was close to my house and the nice emarald eye the phone had at the back. It also had video and had some metallic silver color which made me feel that the phone is good. The phone also came with a synchronization mechanism between the address book on my laptop and that on my mobile. I also went ahead and bought a Blue-tooth handsfree for the phone. I was very happy till I noticed the drawbacks of the phone. The mini-joystick control was not very effective.

The next phone was an International winner! Some friends of ours who were motorazremployed with Motorola got a special deal and decided to help us get the Moto  Razr! The price was unbeatable and the phone was very attractive. So, I went ahead and bought the phone. I liked the phone despite the fact that it used to hang on occasions and would have continued using it but for the fact that my mom, who found the large  numbers (yes, she dials by numbers!) displayed on the screen to be helpful for her old eyes. I decided to change to a new phone and give her the Razr.

imate-kjam_5So here I am lugging this huge piece of phone once again – cursing everytime the OS crashes or the beeper goes off non-stop or the stylus is lost (the stylus does not match any popular model and hence, I struggle for 3 months until someone on ebay offers the stylus!). And, what is worse – it does not support 3G! Meet the Imate Kjam!

Now, I am desperate for a change.  But – I am not able to make up my mind whether I want a phone that is good for productivity or good for applications. I want touchscreen phone if applications is priority – iPhone, Blackberry Storm and HTC are the candidates. I need roaming as I use my phone extensively during my international travel. iPhone and Blackberry come in network locked condition – which leaves out HTC; but HTC is Windows based which takes me back to the unstable phone problem…

Not able to make up my mind!


One thought on “The mobile phone dilemma…

  1. Balaji

    You are very correct in your comments.

    This is a situation which has been created by the phone manufacturers and it is for thier gains that we change phones very often. They are sharp enough to attract us with something or other which is new and we get trapped into that…..

    By the way I bought a STORM couple of months back. The phone is excellent but for its touch key pad which is quite cumbersome to us. I haven’t yet used it for international roaming.

    Bow of course we are getting a 12 MP camera phone. Wonder whether it is camera converted tp phone or phonce converted to camera?


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