A highly demanding lifestyle

Applications in handsetsPhone with apps

Recently, one of our customers was looking out for a solution to identify and throttle certain types of data traffic happening on account of user applications on handsets. The application that was developed as part of a successful developer program involved multimedia content flowing to/from the user’s phone. The bill plan was so lax that a single user had actually transacted Terabytes of data in one month for next to no cost! The customer was looking out for a DPI tool that can help throttle bandwidth for such users without compromising privacy laws of the land.

Audio/Video Gadgets in the home

Within a week of the above discussion, another customer queried about an AV player gadgetongoing solution implementation seeking inputs on how lifestyle requirements of end users are supported through the roll out of our IPTV and IP Telephony solution.  This actually meant support UPnP AV based gadgets that are available within the home and the interplay of these with the telephony and TV services! The ability to do this should be supported by a strong retail strategy for the UPnP AV controller and, preferably, the controller should be part of the STB itself so that the customer need not buy yet another gadget!

Social Networking Needspicassa_page

Recently, I was in a conversation on LinkedIn wherein the question that was discussed was about disruptive forces in Internet usage owing to upload bandwidth usage by users. The country had a plan where the download bandwidth & throughput are measured for billing. Blame it on the Web 2.0 paradigm! I have myself been guilty of sharing massive multimedia content on freely available services on the Internet! And, I am in a plan where only my download bandwidth and throughput are specified (don’t know how they bill me, though)!

Home Networking Needs

home_network_adaptorThen there was this conversation from one of my colleagues in South East Asia about a news item involving a telco there which was focusing on a power-line communications paradigm as part of their IPTV solution. As I analyzed the article subsequently, I realized that this was being done to create a home-network that could realize Ethernet using the electric wiring inside the house! A home network is required to support the second television of the family over IPTV and what better way to do that than to reuse the existing cabling. The adaptor that they have selected for this is sleek and, what’s more, it has a built in power socket so that the user need not lose a power socket to get the Ethernet connectivity!

Special devices for hobbiesAmazon_Kindle_-_Wikipedia

Then I came across a discussion around the July announcement of Barnes & Noble on their eBooks collection that could be delivered to 3G devices such as the iPhone and the iTouch. This is in response to the device strategy already implemented by Amazon through their Kindleproduct. Downloading a content over the net to gadgets is not new – it started with music (iPod/iTunes) and is now being done for books. In the future more such hobbies / personal interests are likely to be demanding specialist devices that in turn is likely to increase bandwidth demands in the network.

In conclusion

So, it is that conclude with a poll to know what the readers think would be the most significant force of all lifestyles trends mentioned above.


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