Blogger’s Block!

My company recently underwent a series of changes at the top level. This was brought about by a recent acquisition and the need to redistribute the Executive Management across the two organizations. So, we now have a new CEO – who also was part of the previous governing structure too. This post is not about corporate dynamics and how a change of CEO affects our life – but more about how the 21st century organization creates what I call “Blogger’s Block” in bloggers!

A 21st century organization is seen as one in which Knowledge Management has been perfected and Talent is mapped well against opportunity demand. Obviously, we are talking about communication-enabled processes, here, for it is on the back of organization wide ICT infrastructure that knowledge is to be disseminated and the demand-supply matches are to be made.

So, someone came up with the idea that there shall be a Community Portal on the Intranet. A Community Portal came up within the organization and all employees started enrolling on to the Community. A few wrong turns later, the managers of the portal got their act in place to make this community set-up quite meaningful to organizational initiatives.

I set up my blog account in the community and started blogging pretty much the same time I started out with WordPress. Since it was within the organization, it was fairly easy to be uninhibited in expressing opinion and, as can be expected within such a closed community, there was a pretty good following. A comparison – on WordPress, while I am clocking  around 30 hits a month, I get a 1000 hits in 3 days on the Intranet Blog! As a consequence, I now have close to 20 posts on the Intranet Blog on subjects ranging from customer interactions to technology advances while I have been unable to think of anything to blog on WordPress!

I am suffering from Blogger’s Block!

Perhaps, there should be a way to make these blogs shareable across these platforms. The WordPress widget enables me to share this blog on my LinkedIn page – perhaps something like that. Some mechanism of federation that allows blogs by authors to be shared easily across various platforms is required.

PS: A word of caution, though. I once linked up my twitter posts with my facebook page and the effect was not something that was very welcome (I tweet more often than I update status on Facebook).


2 thoughts on “Blogger’s Block!

  1. There are some proven ways to get traffic to your blog and with traffic your blog will have wider exposure and comments/feedback.

    Some tips.

    1. List your blogger url on your twitter/facebook profile.

    2. Submit your blog to technorati, icerocket, blogcatalog.

    3. Digg, stumbleupon your blog. Ask your friends to do the same.

    4. Leave comments on other like minded blogs with your name and url. Most will respond likewise.

    5. Add similar blogs to your blogroll widget.

    6. Run a contest 🙂

    Hope this helps

    • Kuls: Tough not all of them have been tried, have done some of these to drive traffic to the blog – slowly learning this. However, it is the mental block and my inability to make some of my better posts (on the other blogs) appear here that I would like to have a solution for – copying and pasting verbatim seems so menial 😉 and I do it for my company website hosted blog already (which is in public domain).

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