Why Google and the FCC are bringing wireless back into the net neutrality fight

An important argument in this seems to be that the carriers have not brought out new services despite having exempt status for wireless assets. I wonder if the carriers will ever be recognized as startups in some of these new services if and when they do try to bring in new services!


This week the Chairman of the FCC and Google both seemed to come out in favor of holding wireless internet to the same network neutrality standards we hold the wired internet. This has long been the goal of net neutrality advocates since back in 2010 when the FCC was writing the rules that would prevent last-mile broadband access providers from discriminating against traffic on their networks.

After Google caved on the wireless issue, in what looked to be a realization that its business interests were tied to Verizon and others thanks to the nascent Android operating system, the FCC backed off the effort to make sure wireless networks were held to the same standards. But the FCC and Google are apparently changing their minds.

In a speech before the CTIA Tuesday, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler made a veiled threat to the wireless industry, saying:

[blockquote person=”” attribution=””]The Commission’s previous Open…

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