*click, click, flash*

True, this! Very intriguing phenomena in recent times…

I have taken selfies too… Especially while on tour… For me it was the equivalent of an “I was here” graffiti kind of thing!

But as I look back – I knew of people, two generations before me, in India, who had a superstition that taking their photos (or getting a portrait painted for that matter) will lower their lifespan.

My dad didn’t believe in this superstition and has clicked 100s of black-and-white photos of me as a kid (some I still possess). I am sure today’s generation is one which is used to photographs as I am, if not more.

Sometimes, I wonder what if that superstition turns out to be true? Guess, mankind would have created one more substance to abuse and harm themselves! They will print statutory warnings on phones with cameras on screen side. 🙂

Nevertheless a topic worth researching, indeed!

Another blog in the machine.

Selfies. We’re surrounded by them, we’re always exposed to them on our personal Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, in the media we consume every day. I mean, the Prime Minister of India is taking selfies and Kim Kardashian has even just released a book filled with all of her selfies of herself and with her family, but why? What’s the interest behind this phenomenon? What is known about these images and the people who take them? Is there any difference between selfies taken in different cultures?

These are some of the questions I plan to answer in my upcoming research project on selfies and their global impact. Some of the texts I have already investigated show that what the general public think about people who take selfies is not positive. They are seen to be narcissistic, self-objectified, overtly sexualised for the pleasure of men, time-wasting but I believe that they…

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