The MoU Factory

Quite often when interacting with the Executive Teams of Communications Service Providers, we come across titles like “Chief Technology Officer“, “Chief Information Officer” and “Chief Operations Officer” or some other variant that I would call a CxO.

IMHO these titles are anachronisms.

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Make Deliberate Moves

Came across this in my Reader list. Not sure if one way or the other is the only right way from what I have seen through working with some Start-ups. However, whichever way it is, those who made deliberate moves without compromise are doing well!

Much like the slow parenting movement gained traction in select communities several years ago, I believe we’re going to see the rise of the slow startup movement. The slow startup movement isn’t about growing slow, as the definition of a startup is a scalable, growth-focused company. Rather, it’s about taking a simpler, more flexible approach to […]

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The Resurrection

It was about a decade back that I was first introduced to IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). We had some lab implementation and experimented with a wide variety of session based applications using Java based SIP servers and a Diameter Server – from voice services to interesting video applications. And, the technology was coming… coming.. and, coming!

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Overhauling Backhaul

It is amazing how the connectivity systems within a mobile network (Backhaul/Transport) have evolved over the  last two decades – from 2G voice only services to our modern LTE world where even voice could be served through a packet switched network. Such evolution is always haphazard, driven by real-time traffic demands and ends up making the network messier and messier over time.

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An “Aha!” Moment for History!

Sometimes thoughts on history can give us an “Aha!” moment.. not just new things! At-least for me, reminiscing on a forgotten memory and getting back the thought in all its glory gave me the same high!

Yesterday, during my self-learning hour, I was perplexed by a problem…

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The Common Sparrow And The Eagle

In my mother-tongue, Tamil, there is a saying that translates to: howmuchsoever a common sparrow may soar in the sky, it can never become the eagle (உயர உயர பறந்தாலும் ஊர்க்குருவி பருந்தாகாது). It is dished out whenever someone desires to do or be something that is near impossible to achieve.

I am reminded of this saying every time I read an article, hear a speech or endure a presentation that extols Telco’s to become lifestyle players such as Facebook, Google, Apple, WhatsApp or anyone else.
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Best trait in a social media communicator? Bravery. No contest.

I would like to believe that I am brave (Bravery is one of the traits that has received so many “Like” clicks down the ages, who wouldn’t?). But there are two other traits too that are needed to communicate on social media, I guess – choice of words and patience.

I have been in some online debates – especially ones in which I critique some actions of an elected official, there are a number of people who try to counter my view. These are presumably supporters of the elected official’s published policies and close enough to know the policy’s intent.

They believe that I am not informed and try to educate me, typically. But soon, they get to a level of debate that questions personal choices & makes silly comparisons, sometimes without facts! For e.g. while I would talk about a potential harmful outcome I the future, they would talk about some past when similar policy lead to the same harmful outcome and ask me why I did not complain then. They would argue that since I bore the outcome then, I should not complain now.

Choice of words had to be careful in responding to these kind of arguments else the debaters soon descend into large scale personal attacks. The choice of words comes from the second attribute I have listed – patience!

And to be patient, one needs to be brave… Am I going in circles? 🙂

social for the people

This month I’ve been working with a cool organisation to recruit an outstandingsocial media and communications professional.

It has made me think hard about which qualities are most desirable in a social media manager or communications employee of any kind.

Also, various conversations I’ve had, as I spend timewith lots of talented teams across the public sector, have led me to notice: the excellentones are those who fight their fear.

There are four reasons I think bravery is the number one factor that marks out the good digital communicator from the splendid one.

Photo by Sean Narvasa, (CC BY 2.0) Photo by Sean Narvasa (CC BY 2.0) Heroism infighting sign-off

I’ve worked for and with enough government agencies to know that communications people often havea ‘mare getting theirwork approved. There are still manyplaces (in the public AND private sector) that make expert, experienced communicators seek permission before they send tweets. Apparently,22 people had to…

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