Need For Unbundling Local Loop In India

This is about my most recent experience with my broadband service. Ten days back, the ADSL modem supplied and installed by my broadband provider had become erratic. The trouble to get a correct response from the operator about what can be done about it took a total of 13 days from the time the problem was encountered! So, I decided to deactivate from the service.

As of this moment, my application with the other service provider is still under progress and may take another week before I can go back to a wire-line Internet from my wireless rig-up.

I feel that there is a strong case for unbundling the local loop in India… Continue reading


A new era for PTTs…

The most happening news story in the telecom industry where billions of dollars are being invested today is obviously that of the National Broadband Network in Australia. The investment is happening as a Government initiative leading to the creation of an open-access service provider (Australian NBN Co.) which turns the conventional belief that PTTs never did any country any good on its head. This is not the first Government to have gone back to the PTT era temporarily to give its citizens a jump-started communications facility – Singapore and, closer home, New Zealand too have embarked on similar initiatives, with Singapore, not surprisingly, being in the more advanced state. Continue reading