End Of A Genre In Literature

One of my favourite pastimes is to snuggle up to a book on a Sunday afternoon. After a late lunch, typical of Sundays, I lie down in a comfortable place and go through magazines, newspaper articles that my wife had found interesting and, of course, books. I have a vast range of topics – current affairs, historical, physics & mathematics, philosophy, religious books and novels / story books. Nowadays, I indulge in this pastime lesser than what I used to – reading up blogs instead.

But, it is not about reading habits I wanted to write, but about writing habits…

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Getting Into The Matrix…

Imagine driving on a dark, unlit part of a highway running through rural India on a moonless & starless night with no other vehicle, seemingly, in sight. Also imagine (imagination can be very powerful), that the road surface is smooth enough to allow you to speed up to a 120 kmph (75 mph). And, suddenly, in the beam from your headlight, you spot the vehicle in picture below, moving slowly in front of you, blocking the road!


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Emerging Mobile Services

Going over my curated feeds to check out on what opinions prevail about communication services, I came up on two seemingly unconnected news items. For me, it appeared like both the news items were about one common reality – your operator who has runs your mobile network is becoming less and less your mobile service provider!

Unless the operators take some drastic measures, they are likely to cease being addressed by the term “Service Providers” and would be referred to as “Carriers” only, in the future.

Let me explain why…

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The Launch Of A Digitised Ecosystem

The Indian Government has proposed a scheme by which the subsidies for the poor will be disbursed as cash / credit electronically to a smart card issued as part of the program for Unique Identity called Aadhaar. Having seen how the Electronic Voting Machine has been deployed successfully, I feel that there is a possibility for this idea to be successful too – provided a suitable digitised ecosystem is created around this.

In fact, this model of issuing a smart card throws up some interesting opportunities for digitisation. Here is some crystal ball gazing…

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The Patient Drug

Yesterday, my curated feeds got me the news from the patent war-front. Ericsson is suing Samsung, Apple is asked to share HTC settlement with Samsung etc.

Amidst all this depressing stuff, I came across a YouTube video that challenged the need for software patents. Here’s the video…

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