The MoU Factory

Quite often when interacting with the Executive Teams of Communications Service Providers, we come across titles like “Chief Technology Officer“, “Chief Information Officer” and “Chief Operations Officer” or some other variant that I would call a CxO.

IMHO these titles are anachronisms.

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Operator Agnostic Networks

I recently read an article on Services in the context Enterprise Networks. The article put the size of the market at a figure that was at-least two times the size of Services for Carrier Networks. This obviously meant one of two things – the world-wide Enterprise Networks are several times larger than public carrier networks or Enterprise Networks are far more complex consuming more Services for its upkeep than that for Carriers.

Without being judgmental about these two points, there is no denying the fact that the Enterprise Networks Market is larger than that for Carriers.

As is my wont – started day dreaming ( 🙂 ) about the following terminology: Over the Top Network and Operator Agnostic Network.

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Should Vendors Run Your Network?

I recently came across news about an old friend with who I had worked with, in my previous job, looking at statistics on network usage, billing etc., correlating the data and coming up with useful predictions about business & the network. It brought back memories of an incident involving our Equipment Supplier.

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Advice To Activist Public Opinion

Here is a news item…

JAIPUR: In a judgment that could have nationwide impact, the Rajasthan high court on Tuesday ordered the relocation of mobile towers from educational institutions, hospitals and playgrounds in the state within two months, citing harmful electromagnetic radiation.

This news reflects a view held by a wide section of society – I have seen a news show on Indian TV in August, in which a popular actress of yesteryear strongly put forth the theory that cellphone towers are causing harm through electromagnetic radiation.

I have a lot of problems with the way this is being handled. As a Communications Engineer with 25 years of experience, certain aspects of all these arguments bother me. I have some advice to activists who voice public opinion against such engineering decisions.

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NOC… NOC… Who’s there?

In my first job, where I was working with the Telecom Manufacturing Unit of a Power Sector PSU, I had the opportunity to learn a bit about how very large Power Generation and, to some extent, Distribution Systems are managed through Automation and Control Systems.

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A dream run tRIMmed…

In my previous job working with a GSM operator, there was once a major crisis.

Ours was a fledgling GSM operation for a metro license and we had a well dimensioned point of interconnect with DoT (now BSNL). The problem was that we had only one POI, which was not on account of any lack of Engineering acumen on our part but more on account of a reluctance on DoT’s part to spare capacity from a second POI. In several discussions we were told that they don’t have spare capacity – in those days, we would discuss and come to an agreement and, only after that we would apply for the connectivity. Continue reading