The MoU Factory

Quite often when interacting with the Executive Teams of Communications Service Providers, we come across titles like “Chief Technology Officer“, “Chief Information Officer” and “Chief Operations Officer” or some other variant that I would call a CxO.

IMHO these titles are anachronisms.

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Blackberry acquires Movirtu to boost BYOD

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An interesting start to BYOD by Blackberry, no doubt. However, the availability of this capability does not take away from the fact that the device must have features to be useful in both personal and official contexts.

Having been a Blackberry user in the past, I am able to conceive that a device can be designed by Blackberry to be useful in the context of official requirements. When it comes to  personal requirements – I am not sure.

I am not familiar with the latest situation vis-à-vis Blackberry’s ecosystem for Apps. The device I carry helps me track my exercises, dietary intake, my budget during travel and a host of infotainment requirements through native Apps!

Digitization of Business

Every business tries to improve its performance and deliver better value to its stakeholders. There is a plethora of technologies that are available today, using which organisations try to stay ahead in the race. But there is always the problem of deciding when a technology is good to invest in and if the investment will yield the desired business results.

Besides, in today’s world, there is a range of applications that have been created and used by Enterprises world-over. So, what is new that upcoming technologies will yield?

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The Value Adding Role Models

Long distance solitary travel typically require entertainment – music, books, movies etc. Sometimes, none of these are available – one prefers to sleep.

In one recent journey, I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I ended up making some abstractions about life stages, project team compositions and came up with a chain of thought roughly resembling what is given below! It all started with my mind recalling the details of a recent project… I first started a mental estimation of the effort involved & the team size that would be effective etc. Then it stuck me! Instead of the number, I should look at the kind of roles that the large project will need… Continue reading