An “Aha!” Moment for History!

Sometimes thoughts on history can give us an “Aha!” moment.. not just new things! At-least for me, reminiscing on a forgotten memory and getting back the thought in all its glory gave me the same high!

Yesterday, during my self-learning hour, I was perplexed by a problem…

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Operator Agnostic Networks

I recently read an article on Services in the context Enterprise Networks. The article put the size of the market at a figure that was at-least two times the size of Services for Carrier Networks. This obviously meant one of two things – the world-wide Enterprise Networks are several times larger than public carrier networks or Enterprise Networks are far more complex consuming more Services for its upkeep than that for Carriers.

Without being judgmental about these two points, there is no denying the fact that the Enterprise Networks Market is larger than that for Carriers.

As is my wont – started day dreaming ( 🙂 ) about the following terminology: Over the Top Network and Operator Agnostic Network.

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Reinvesting The Digital Dividend

Television broadcasting through terrestrial transmission has been ongoing since the 1920s. Typically these transmissions use the UHF and VHF part of the electromagnetic spectrum (RF), where multiple channels are arranged next to each other, separated by a guard band – called the white-space.

After nearly 80 odd years, this method of transmission – which has, over the years continued as the cheapest way of delivering programs, and has been favoured by Governments in some parts because of this – is being sunset.

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As low as the clouds…

For telecom industry in India, the most interesting phenomenon of the day is the 2G Spectrum auction today through an online process. The two large players – Airtel and Vodafone – are bidding for incremental spectrum while smaller players including some of those whose licenses were cancelled as a whiplash action from the 2G spectrum scam earlier are also bidding for larger pieces of the spectrum. Continue reading