Advice To Activist Public Opinion

Here is a news item…

JAIPUR: In a judgment that could have nationwide impact, the Rajasthan high court on Tuesday ordered the relocation of mobile towers from educational institutions, hospitals and playgrounds in the state within two months, citing harmful electromagnetic radiation.

This news reflects a view held by a wide section of society – I have seen a news show on Indian TV in August, in which a popular actress of yesteryear strongly put forth the theory that cellphone towers are causing harm through electromagnetic radiation.

I have a lot of problems with the way this is being handled. As a Communications Engineer with 25 years of experience, certain aspects of all these arguments bother me. I have some advice to activists who voice public opinion against such engineering decisions.

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Reinvesting The Digital Dividend

Television broadcasting through terrestrial transmission has been ongoing since the 1920s. Typically these transmissions use the UHF and VHF part of the electromagnetic spectrum (RF), where multiple channels are arranged next to each other, separated by a guard band – called the white-space.

After nearly 80 odd years, this method of transmission – which has, over the years continued as the cheapest way of delivering programs, and has been favoured by Governments in some parts because of this – is being sunset.

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Marching To Their Own Drumbeat

Read Yesterday a news article on Light Reading about an evolving Cable Broadband Standard in China called HiNOC: “HiNOC (High Performance Network Over Coax) is one of three EoC technologies approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of China, for the NGB project. C-Docsis and C-HomePlug are the other two.” The “C” prefix for Docsis and HomePlug also indicate that these are Chinese variants of Docsis and HomePIug standards.

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