Quantifying my Self…

For long, we have been familiar with Drs. Norton and Kaplan’s Balanced Score Card (or its derivatives) that provides us with a quantified performance state of organizations, as well as, enable us to plan transformational initiatives with quantified goals.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if, instead of an organization, we apply the same to our own selves, as individuals? Meditations in a few idle moments and this is what I felt it would look like and the tools I will use for the same…

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A Sense Of Déjà Vu

The topic which I have come across in recent meetings across a wide spectrum of industry representatives is “Software Defined Networks” or SDN. Across Service Providers, Equipment Vendors, Software Vendors and System Integrators, and from East Asia to California, the most happening stuff seems to be SDN.
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