Quantifying my Self…

For long, we have been familiar with Drs. Norton and Kaplan’s Balanced Score Card (or its derivatives) that provides us with a quantified performance state of organizations, as well as, enable us to plan transformational initiatives with quantified goals.

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if, instead of an organization, we apply the same to our own selves, as individuals? Meditations in a few idle moments and this is what I felt it would look like and the tools I will use for the same…

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“SOS Msg 2 911”

I recently read an article about FCC accelerating Text-To-911 services in the US. Four major carriers have apparently signed up to provide this service. I also remembered a similar demand from FCC, around a decade back, for identifying the location of 911 callers on mobile and IP devices.

There are some interesting challenges when it comes to using SMS for emergency requirements, as well as, some compelling use cases. There is potential for some extensions to emergency services too.

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Apps That We Don’t Dream Of

This morning, I sat up with my news renderer – my iPad – through which the news from across the world comes to my bedside at the speed of light. I worked my way through RSS feeds, mails and Business Network news and Social Network news – in that order. (This has become a routine now rendering the morning paper redundant.)

Fired off a few comments on world-happenings and settled down to the fun part; scouting for humorous and unusual posts. It was then that I came across an App called the DreamBoard (for iPhone/iPod; not available for iPad). See www.dreamboard.com

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Selling 3G In India

Many of us are aware that Indian Service Providers had bid astronomical amounts to obtain 3G spectrum. However, the revenues from 3G services seem not commensurate to this. In fact, some people have started stating that 3G services in India have failed.

I feel that the operators are not trying enough to monetize their investment, although common sense would state that it is unlikely. Let me explain why…

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