The Value Adding Role Models

Long distance solitary travel typically require entertainment – music, books, movies etc. Sometimes, none of these are available – one prefers to sleep.

In one recent journey, I tried to sleep but couldn’t. I ended up making some abstractions about life stages, project team compositions and came up with a chain of thought roughly resembling what is given below! It all started with my mind recalling the details of a recent project… I first started a mental estimation of the effort involved & the team size that would be effective etc. Then it stuck me! Instead of the number, I should look at the kind of roles that the large project will need… Continue reading


Business Transformation & attitude transformation

People keep talking about the importance of attitude over aptitude, especially in the context of individual development. Personally, I have encountered many cases where attitude makes up for aptitude. However, one does not associate such statements to be with an organization, in general. And yet, that is exactly what I was left thinking about an incumbent Service Provider’s business approach after a recent meeting with their top management team, dealing with an urgent need to transform their business. Continue reading

Blogger’s Block!

My company recently underwent a series of changes at the top level. This was brought about by a recent acquisition and the need to redistribute the Executive Management across the two organizations. So, we now have a new CEO – who also was part of the previous governing structure too. This post is not about corporate dynamics and how a change of CEO affects our life – but more about how the 21st century organization creates what I call “Blogger’s Block” in bloggers! Continue reading