Marching To Their Own Drumbeat

Read Yesterday a news article on Light Reading about an evolving Cable Broadband Standard in China called HiNOC: “HiNOC (High Performance Network Over Coax) is one of three EoC technologies approved by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT), the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) of China, for the NGB project. C-Docsis and C-HomePlug are the other two.” The “C” prefix for Docsis and HomePlug also indicate that these are Chinese variants of Docsis and HomePIug standards.

This is an interesting news and speaks volumes about how mature technological processes are. Let me explain why… Continue reading


Three little pigs


(Note: map is not representative of national boundaries)

I was recently in discussions with a delegation of an Asian telecom equipment manufacturer. I was drawn into thinking about my favourite topic – telecom manufacturing base in India and, a comparison with that of two other Asian giants, China and Japan – truly a story from our kindergarten days, about the three little pigs! Continue reading