The Launch Of A Digitised Ecosystem

The Indian Government has proposed a scheme by which the subsidies for the poor will be disbursed as cash / credit electronically to a smart card issued as part of the program for Unique Identity called Aadhaar. Having seen how the Electronic Voting Machine has been deployed successfully, I feel that there is a possibility for this idea to be successful too – provided a suitable digitised ecosystem is created around this.

In fact, this model of issuing a smart card throws up some interesting opportunities for digitisation. Here is some crystal ball gazing…

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Advice To Activist Public Opinion

Here is a news item…

JAIPUR: In a judgment that could have nationwide impact, the Rajasthan high court on Tuesday ordered the relocation of mobile towers from educational institutions, hospitals and playgrounds in the state within two months, citing harmful electromagnetic radiation.

This news reflects a view held by a wide section of society – I have seen a news show on Indian TV in August, in which a popular actress of yesteryear strongly put forth the theory that cellphone towers are causing harm through electromagnetic radiation.

I have a lot of problems with the way this is being handled. As a Communications Engineer with 25 years of experience, certain aspects of all these arguments bother me. I have some advice to activists who voice public opinion against such engineering decisions.

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Need For Unbundling Local Loop In India

This is about my most recent experience with my broadband service. Ten days back, the ADSL modem supplied and installed by my broadband provider had become erratic. The trouble to get a correct response from the operator about what can be done about it took a total of 13 days from the time the problem was encountered! So, I decided to deactivate from the service.

As of this moment, my application with the other service provider is still under progress and may take another week before I can go back to a wire-line Internet from my wireless rig-up.

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Managing With Managed Services

Many Service Providers have gone for managed services from third parties for operating their IT and Network. This enables them to defocus from non-strategic tasks and focus on strategic priorities of their business. However, care has to be taken to ensure that these purposes are really achieved. Continue reading

Selling 3G In India

Many of us are aware that Indian Service Providers had bid astronomical amounts to obtain 3G spectrum. However, the revenues from 3G services seem not commensurate to this. In fact, some people have started stating that 3G services in India have failed.

I feel that the operators are not trying enough to monetize their investment, although common sense would state that it is unlikely. Let me explain why…

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As low as the clouds…

For telecom industry in India, the most interesting phenomenon of the day is the 2G Spectrum auction today through an online process. The two large players – Airtel and Vodafone – are bidding for incremental spectrum while smaller players including some of those whose licenses were cancelled as a whiplash action from the 2G spectrum scam earlier are also bidding for larger pieces of the spectrum. Continue reading