Overhauling Backhaul

It is amazing how the connectivity systems within a mobile network (Backhaul/Transport) have evolved over the  last two decades – from 2G voice only services to our modern LTE world where even voice could be served through a packet switched network. Such evolution is always haphazard, driven by real-time traffic demands and ends up making the network messier and messier over time.

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What does the Oracle predict?

The biggest news since yesterday is the acquisition of Acme Packet by Oracle Corporation. This is Oracle’s first acquisition in 2013 and this has happened in the Communications and Media domain!

If one looks at what Oracle had been busy with last year, one notices that they have acquired a number of companies in Cloud and Social Media space. From that to a hardcore telecom component came as quite a surprise!

Here’s some loud thinking to see if I can connect the dots…

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