The Indian Net-Neutrality Debate

In the last few weeks, on Social Media circles where I am present, there have been shrill cries on alleged “Net-Neutrality” compromises in India based on an opposition to Airtel Zero plan and Internet.Org setup by Reliance.

I have been pointing out the flaws in the arguments and have received a lot of flak. An analysis of arguments from the other camp led me to conclude that there is a lack of understanding on what is “Net-Neutrality”, that there is a “transference of anger” from another problem and triggered some thoughts on future needs.

Here I would like to share some of those thoughts…

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Pricing Perils…

I have been following the news about pricing change that was done by Netflix – like Google, Amazon and Apple – a pioneer, albeit in a different business area. Their business-approach to video rental services embraced technology better than their competitors. They were also good at Marketing. They provided both encrypted video streaming service, as well as, mail-delivered DVD service. Continue reading