The Patient Drug

Yesterday, my curated feeds got me the news from the patent war-front. Ericsson is suing Samsung, Apple is asked to share HTC settlement with Samsung etc.

Amidst all this depressing stuff, I came across a YouTube video that challenged the need for software patents. Here’s the video…

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Have Machines Taken Over Our World?

Some time back I was watching a video on TED. The talk was about what is called Algorithmic Trading – basically going on to state that trading happens by computer algorithms that analyse trends and decide on buy / sell decisions. It goes on to illustrate the danger in this machine operated model. The whole thing sounds very plausible.

Here is the video for you to look at…

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Digitization of Business

Every business tries to improve its performance and deliver better value to its stakeholders. There is a plethora of technologies that are available today, using which organisations try to stay ahead in the race. But there is always the problem of deciding when a technology is good to invest in and if the investment will yield the desired business results.

Besides, in today’s world, there is a range of applications that have been created and used by Enterprises world-over. So, what is new that upcoming technologies will yield?

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