Pricing Perils…

I have been following the news about pricing change that was done by Netflix – like Google, Amazon and Apple – a pioneer, albeit in a different business area. Their business-approach to video rental services embraced technology better than their competitors. They were also good at Marketing. They provided both encrypted video streaming service, as well as, mail-delivered DVD service. Continue reading


A highly demanding lifestyle

Applications in handsetsPhone with apps

Recently, one of our customers was looking out for a solution to identify and throttle certain types of data traffic happening on account of user applications on handsets. The application that was developed as part of a successful developer program involved multimedia content flowing to/from the user’s phone. The bill plan was so lax that a single user had actually transacted Terabytes of data in one month for next to no cost! The customer was looking out for a DPI tool that can help throttle bandwidth for such users without compromising privacy laws of the land. Continue reading