From “Whenever” To “In The Moment”

Wishing all my friends and followers a very Happy and Prosperous 2013!


After the short break, I thought I will start with a post about how partying on New Year’s Eve has changed for me over the years. There is a very significant trend that I see, especially in the way people greet others wishing them luck in the New Year.

But first a look at New Year’s Eve past…

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Putting OTT Under A Cloud…

A couple of days back the hottest news reported was that of the potential acquisition of WhatsApp by Facebook. Although both the companies have come forth subsequently and denied such an eventuality, it was a plausible story while it lasted. Facebook, with advertisement as a major source of revenue is not able to have a successful model around mobile devices – where they have lesser scope to place ads. Messaging could be the opportunity for Facebook and WhatsApp with billions of messages going through it is an interesting option (although business pundits indicated why it is not so).

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